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Paul The Bunyan <--wat?



Tubular Bells will have to wait. I can't put this entry off one second.


I just was goofing off one day when I did this. You'll probably have to expand the image to read it.


And no, I wasn't trying to type "Paul Bunyan." Paul the Bunyan is some random drawing someone drew in my Technical Theatre class for use in a skeleton set. They're a good artist, but this drawing certainly didn't show it. But forgive me; I'm getting off-topic.


I might someday create the page, just because it says I can. :P



In more important news, I GOT A WII! :happydance: I was in New York for my summer camp reunion, and we stopped at Nintendo World. They had no Wii's, so wii asked "When do you get your next shipment of Wii's. They answered "Tomorrow morning." So wii went to the store at 9 o' clock, and when they opened at 10, WII GOT A WII!


Other things we did in New York included seeing the Broadway production of Mary Poppins (which even outdoes The Lion King in its inedible awesomeness) and going to Books of Wonder, a bookstore whose awesomeness is likewise inedible. While at Books of Wonder we got "Peter Pan in Scarlet" which is an amazing and suspenseful story, as well as a SIGNED COPY of "The Invention of Hugo Cabret, a picture book that totally OWNS with its realistic pictures and complex plot.


But anyway, Lemony Aanchir will be back soon with a Tubular Bells-oriented entry. I hope. :fear:


- :vahi:


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