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I'm probably going to buy Portal and Portal 2.


But before I do:


Is there a way to turn the blood off in the first Portal? I know this is not a problem in #2, but I don't like games with blood in them, so without a way to turn it off I'm going to pass on the original. Can I do something about that?


I've done some searching, and some say yes, while others say no. I need a final answer. Can I have my cake and eat it too?


(C wut I did thar?)




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There isn't.


But as much as you might not like it, it's a bad idea to sacrifice such a good game for that reason.

TBH, I really cannot stand any blood except my own.


I really don't care about seeing my own blood, but anyone else's - virtual blood included - is just too much for me.


So yeah, I think I'm gonna have to pass on Portal #1.



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I'd reconsider it. The blood is an incredibly small part of.

I know, but still...


Also, I saw a video where someone went into the files and typed in a couple of things to make the blood disappear. Can someone with the game search "violence_hblood 0 +portal" on Google, find the video, and confirm whether or not it works?


Thanks in advance.



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Someone says the German version has none.


I wonder why that stupid law is...


Actually, you can turn the blood off. In the developer console type:


sv_cheats 1


and then type:


violence_hblood 0


That should do it. Remember to have the developer console turned on first.

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