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Bbc Moc Progress...



The pieces I ordered were shipped today. They should be here by Friday. I'm going to take pics tomorrow so I can take what I have arpart for their pieces. I need what they have is all. I'm running low on Hordika brains and hole-through-the-middle ball joints. Too bad I'm not ordering more HBs. But when I take the finished guys pics and then take them apart I should be good.

Note: The above paragraph was confusing. Sorry for any complications.



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I cant tell you how many garans I purchased in 06, but its gotta be close 20. One of the most useful sets as you get chronicler staffs as well as 4 HB's. Garan is still available as well as Velika. Go get some garans, it will make life easier lol


Really looking forward to seeing those entries bundalings! Keep up the good work

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