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Life's Going Like The Energizer Bunny

Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well as of Monday of last week, which was the 20th I believe, life changed for me and will be changed until Friday if I'm lucky.


As some of you may or may not know, aside from BIONICLE and good grades, I'm into Marvel Comic books majorly. I love DC Comics as well, but I only got into the cartoons, mini-series, and movies. Right now, I'm collecting a mini-series known as Civil War.


It's a history maker for the Marvel Universe. Everything about the Super Heroes world that we know is going to change. Spider-Man reveals his identity to the public. There was a huge explosion that was caused accidentally by some novice people with super powers. They wanted to up their status and were killed along with thousands of innocents. Now the government is making it law that Super Heroes have to register their identity with the government or be hunted down as criminals. There are great heroes on both sides.


So anyways. On to how my life has been changed. On Monday, June 20th, 2006, I went to the comic book store to buy the Variant Edition of Civil War issue 2. Luckily the comic is okay, but on the way back home (I was one block away from the comic book store), my foot slipped off of the bike peddle and I fell off of it. I know have a big scab on my right knee (cool, now I will have a scar on both knees), and my left hand (worst part is that I'm left-handed) is all gashed up. There was literally no skin on it. I had to have my mom pick me up and take me to the ER. But luckily I was fine. It will heal completely within about another week. They said Friday if I'm lucky, but most likely Sunday or Monday. My hand has been wrapped up constantly with gauze and stuff. So typing this out is extremely fun.


Last Friday, I went to my Youth Group's Friday Night hangout for High Schoolers, but for the very first time, we had almost no turnout on people. There may have been ten of us when there's usually over 120. So, we put things away, 6 of them went home and the rest of us (Youth Pastors included) went to see Superman Returns. That was an awesome movie. I saw a preview for Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man is my all time favorite Super Hero. Apparently, there are going to be three villains in this movie: Sandman, Green Goblin (Harry Osborn), and Venom (my favorite villain). So, this promises to be a great movie. Again, Superman Returns was awesome, I strongly recommend it.


I've gotten some belated Birthday presents. I didn't actually get any presents on my Birthday. I got some money from my friends and Youth Pastors though which was pretty cool. But my belated presents are Super Mario Advance 4 (I used to have it, but I lost it like a year and a half ago), Pokemon Emerald Version, New Super Marion Bros., and BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows (finally). I know it's pretty wierd seeing a 16 year old playing Pokemon on his Nintendo DS, but hey, they're fun games. I like RPG style games. Seeing as I've not really been able to do any chores, I've been playing handheld video games. Every single one of them is beaten except for Emerald Version. It'll take me a while to fill up that Pokedex.


I should be getting the Toa Inika either tomorrow or Thursday, and no matter what condition my hand is, I'm going to build them, even if it is painful.


Aside from that, I've been editing my epic Makuta's Revenge on Microsoft Works. It's coming along quite nicely. Since I've completed 10th Grade (for those who don't know, I'm homeschooled) and taken the Writing For 100 Days course, my writing has improved significantly. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to fit the Toa Inika into my story when I edit it here on BZP at the end of this year. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm kinda talking to those who've read it.


So, there you go. This has been the life of TLH lately. Once I get the Inika and my hand's all better, I'm going to post another entry telling you all how exited I am to be able to do chores again and be my overly organized self again. Seriously, I'm a neat-freak. You will never find my room messy or dirty, even when I'm sick. Comments Welcome :).


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Yeah, very fun... Hope you feel better, TLH. Enjoy the comic, the Inika you'll get, and the pain. Oh, the pain!



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Ah, the fun of serious injuries, especially to the hand... although I'm not left-handed, that was the hand I injured (twice, mind you). The upside to injuring the weaker hand is still being able to do things without complete problems; the downside is that it won't get strengthened so well when you're able to do things again.


I still play Pokémon games (even got Dash) at my age: it's no big deal.


Your writing is so eloquent, and there are very few errors. So that course must've been very helpful :psychotwitch:


©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM

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