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New Prose Comedy?

Lewa0111 Nuva


So lately I've started watching the new sci-fi show, "Terra Nova," and I've been really impressed so far. Sure, there have only been four episodes so far (and new ones come out every other week), but what I've seen has been awesome. And then earlier today it occurred to me that the basic premise behind the show would be pretty easy/fun to make into a BIONICLE spoof, and since actual episodes come out so sporadically anyway, it would be easy enough to keep updated, similar to Pohatu Puppet Pals. I'm not sure yet if I will actually write this comedy or possibly wait a little while, but here's my general idea and concept I've started considering.


"Terra Nova" is a show about humans in the future discovering a time portal to the Cretaceous period, and sending people through it to start a new colony on the other side in a more primitive, less industrialized setting. So, my idea is, what if an accident involving Vezon and his Olmak caused a dimensional/temporal rift to appear, letting Spherus Magna inhabitants go through and end up back on the island of Mata Nui pre-cleansing? They could then start a colony including Glatorian/Agori as well as the MU inhabitants we've come to know and love, and have hilarious adventures with Rahi and other craziness as a vaguely defined spoof of the show's episodes. Since the show isn't already a comedy, it would be easier to spoof than if it was already funny to begin with. I also would write the comedy in such a way that it would make sense and be funny even to those who haven't seen the show, since it's relatively new and not all that well-known yet.


But we'll see. The comedy will tentatively be titled "Mata Nova." First, I've got to get through my midterm week...




:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:

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