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Possible Chapter 4 Delay

Fresh Makuta of Bel-Air


Honestly guys this week has been a mess. Two tests, a major presentation, an interview, a club meeting, and all sorts of fun and exciting stuff will probably keep me from posting something until Friday. I know I said that it would come on Thursday, but then life happened. Believe me, I'm unhappy about it too. It takes a decent amount of time to write this stuff; these chapters are anywhere from 1200-1700 words recently.


On another note, I probably will be entering the short stories contest eventually. There's a lot of potential with the theme this time around.


Again I'm sorry about the delay. I was hoping I could keep to a schedule but I really mismanaged my time. Hopefully I can set things right after this set of tests are done so I can keep up consistent chapters.


That said, if I get it out tomorrow by some miracle I won't expect any complaints. :P


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