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My Latest Train Trip



Well, I had the honour of taking the regional diesel out of the Metro Area at last, taking it to Warragul! :biggrin:


The trip was definitely exciting in its own right, but surprisingly it wasn't as exciting as going on the diesel rail-car. I'd say it's because these trains were run very similar to the electric Metro trains I'm so used to.


I didn't do much at Warragul: just had a big lunch, did a lot of aimless walking around, that's about it.


The trip itself, however, was quite long. For the first time, the trip home down my train line felt short! And then, just after I left the station, I heard a strange whistle. It sounded like that of a steam train, though steam trains don't run in Victoria apart from tourist lines! That was very puzzling, and remains a mystery even now!




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