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So, Homestuck.



Past Kakaru: Of all the BZPower related fads, this is the one I understand the least. I'm reading through the Homestuck archive (and oh my goodness it's big) and Problem Sleuth on the side. It's good, I just can't bring myself to believe the size of the fanbase here.

Can someone help me out? What on earth is this? ._.


Current Kakaru: Lol, silly past self that didn't know how good this was. Haha. Homestuck fan for life. 8)


Future Kakaru: You guys have no idea how awesome it gets.

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Wait until you get through like, Act 3 or 4. That's when you'll suddenly realize "Oh my God, I love this comic and I didn't realize it".


The first Act or 2 are kind of boring. Until you've read through it all, and go back to it. Then it's way more amazing.

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Haha, I was actually holding off posting this until I read further, just in case. Curse your ability to read draft entries.


You're absolutely right. It really drags through the first couple acts (especially if you have no idea what you're supposed to be getting into) but I'm halfway through act five, part two and I can't see how I lived without knowing about this for so long. =D

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Yeah, after I started Homestuck, it pretty much took over my life. I literally cannot go one day without seeing some sort of reference to it in my life. And at this point that's become a good thing. :P

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I know, right? I've stayed up until 2 am every day this past week reading. I'm tired and can't think straight but man it's worth it.


Honestly, it's a good thing I don't have money right now or my room would be filled with Homestuck merch.

I keep making obscure references to it and I'm not sure anyone IRL knows what I'm talking about anymore.

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