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Brickshelf's Down?



So, brickshelf and majhost's servers are down. Too bad I can't upload the comic I've totally finished and not at all procrastinated on. :rolleyes:


Seriously though, my apologies for the lack of updating of my comics. I have not had as much time this semester to do things I enjoy as I would like (we kinda hit the ground running). I do hope to inspired soon and start working on a comic.


Another thing sort of slowing me down is that I'm getting used to using GIMP, which is quite different from Photoshop, which my new computer does not have. Thus, I have to make do.


In other news, this semester I'm taking quantum mechanics version 2.0 and classical mechanics. In both classes (ironically) we're working with Lagrangian mechanics, as the classical Lagrangian (the difference of kinetic and potential energy of a system) is useful in deriving equations to describe systems in both the classical and quantum mechanical regimes. In fact, when one uses the Lagrangian as a way to formulate wavefunctions of quantum mechanics, Hamilton-Jacobi equation (a classical physics equation) pops out of the Schrödinger equation! It's as though physics is self-consistent or something...




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