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First Day Of Tafe



At last, I started my TAFE course!


When I got to TAFE, it was so early that the campus was still closed! That's the last time I get up at 6am! :P


My first class was Programming. We were simply introduced to the TAFE's online work delivery system, moodle. We also had to start a blog. I decided no to use this one because I felt the instructor may think I'm not taking the course seriously if I did. No offence.


Our second class was Game Design. We didn't do much, but the instructor did talk about his career, including the fact that he helped create the original Team Fortress game! We found him to be a lot of fun! :P


Our last class was IT Work Environment, the compulsory OH&S class. The instructor there also had a lot of personality, which added fun to a normally boring class.


The only homework we got all day was to take a photo of our workplace. I was able to do that before dinner despite getting home at 6pm!


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