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I'd really like to go this year. Obviously it'll be easier than ever before, since I live in Texas now, and I'm about to start a full time job at Walmart (yay, only took me like four months to get hired somewhere) so I'll probably have money. It'd just be great to go to a Lego convention, finally.


Just curious if anyone here (here being my blog, and not the entirety of BZP of course) is planning/considering going. It'd be cool to meet some of my internet friends, finally, if only to prove you're real and not hyper intelligent chatbots.


edit: actually it was closer to five months Neei.gif

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Nukaya and I are hoping to make it, but I don't know. We're committed to BricksCascade and Brickfair, and getting another week or so off in July might be impossible for me. We'll see, because we'd really like to.

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