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Guild Wars 2

Watashi Wa


If you didn't know, this weekend is a closed beta weekend for the upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2. I received 9 codes total while I was at PAX East this year and dispersed most of my codes to some friends of mine. Normally, my computer wouldn't be able to run such a new PC game. Fortunately for me, a friend of mine had an extra fairly powerful PC that he brought to our friends house so I could play the beta!


I'm playing as an Elementalist which is your standard spell-caster, if you couldn't deduce from the name. My character controls fire, water, air and stones with a mighty fury.


This is the first MMO I have ever played and I must say I quite enjoyed my time. You had to complete a few single-player quests to get into multiplayer, but I didn't mind because I was able to take my time and adapt to keyboard controls. Being used to a joystick, using WASD was particularly cumbersome to me and doesn't offer the precise movements you can get with a joystick. The game really got fun when we joined the world vs world server, where 3 factions wage numbers battles to control supply points on a giant map. I think I ended up playing for about 3 and a half hours. Hopefully I'll be able to clock in a few more in between finishing up papers and studying for some finals.


Shortly after I get a job I plan on building a fairly powerful PC to play on. I still love my Xbox, but we're at the point in this console generation where there's much to be desired graphically. The age of the consoles is really starting to show.

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I've heard really great things about it and have been thinking of getting it when it actually comes out.

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