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Just about one week to go in the General Art Contest #18 preliminary polls! I encourage voters to show their support for my entry, Swarm of the Century, in Preliminary Poll A! It's Entry 6 in the poll.


In other art-related news, recently a friend of mine who is also an artist had a birthday, and I gave her a portrait of her I had drawn. To my delight, she really liked the drawing! Since she's also an artist (and a much better one than me, all things considered), I was thrilled to have her approval, and I hope it will motivate me to keep drawing over the course of the summer.


Even though I'm often lacking in inspiration, I have tried to keep drawing so I remain in practice. Most of my recent drawings are merely sketches, like this one which shows some human figures of varying ages to approximate scale with one another. But hopefully inspiration will strike again soon and I'll have something more meaningful and finished to show you all.


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