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Did I Somehow Not Make A Korra Finale Entry?



Well, I already mentioned my thoughts on the Korra finale in the Avatar: The Last Airbender topic in COT. I'd rather keep them there where they can be part of an ongoing discussion than talk about them here. I mean, I'd love to jump on the bandwagon, but something else has happened since I watched the finale this morning.


That being that my family's Amazon.com order for the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels The Lost Adventures and The Promise parts one and two came in.


My goodness. They were excellent. And pretty much everything in them felt totally in the spirit of the show itself despite having to follow up on an already-concluded narrative in a totally different medium.


Hard to say which comic in The Lost Adventures was my favorite, but "Swordbending" sticks in my mind the most. Along with Dragon Days. So much Fire Nation slang! Like the cartoon itself, the writing really starts to pick up in Book 2 and continues to improve from that point on.


Meanwhile, The Promise is shaping up to be an excellent series and I can't wait until that trilogy concludes. It's highly entertaining reading about Toph's "lily-livers", Sokka's "oogies", Fire Lord Zuko's struggle to serve his country as Fire Lord, Aang and Katara's struggles to adapt to their new life together, and of course the brewing tensions over the fate of Yu Dao. Meanwhile, Sneers was the last character I expected to see again (or would have been if I hadn't stumbled upon spoilers on the internet a few weeks ago).


Just another reason to look forward to September!


By the way, just a reminder that GAC #18 final polls are open. A couple entries are dominating, but the race is pretty tight between the rest of them, and I am praying that my entry ("Swarm of the Century") will either move ahead of the pack or fall behind enough for me to know it didn't just lose by some fluke. Links are in the entry below, and I would appreciate support for my entry, but as always give your vote to the entry you feel deserves it most!


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