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Life Updates 7/30/2012



So here's the highlights of my past week. I'm going through them briefly because I just spent an hour or longer typing out an entry about them and then hit the back button and lost everything, but brevity probably would have been better in the first place.


  • Watched the second episode of this season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Lord Garmadon's mega-weapon is a great addition to the story and is truly in line with the LEGO spirit of creativity. And it's great getting some backstory on the Destiny's Bounty. However, the characters and music of this new season haven't totally impressed me-- the characters pale in comparison to the depth of mainstays like the ninja and their families, and the music has not included any new pieces as emotionally compelling as some of those in Home, The Snake King, and Tick Tock.
  • Went to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses at Wolf Trap, performed by the National Symphony Orchestra. It was great hearing orchestral renditions of music from both Zelda games I've played or watched and ones I haven't. Props to conductor Eímear Noone and all the others who made this breathtaking experience possible.
  • Went to stay at my grandparents' river house in Maryland with my parents, siblings, and some fun-loving relatives from Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  • While doing laundry and preparing to depart from the river house, finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with my mom and siblings. She really enjoyed it, as did I. The finale remains a masterpiece, and I almost cried when Zuko reunited with Uncle Iroh, when Toph was hanging onto Sokka for dear life, and when Azula was wailing helplessly after her defeat. I hope my mom enjoys The Legend of Korra just as much-- my dad, for one, has no interest in watching A:TLA with us but loves Korra, partly because the more modern Asian-inspired setting doesn't create such a pronounced sense of culture shock.


Now, what's in the forecast for the coming month?


  • Brickfair. I will be exhibiting my MOCs Rise of the Dread Colossus, Sophia Blaze (who has undergone some modifications since the picture shown was created), and My Little Tahu as well as a CubeDude of the webcomic character Axe Cop. I also plan to bring some drawings including Swarm of the Century which took second place in the General Art Contest #18: Battlescapes!
  • College. I will be preparing to move in at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where I will be studying Industrial Design. I'm somewhat nervous, but am hoping my time at Landmark College has prepared me well for this new and different learning experience.


Overall, I've had a lot of fun this summer and still have some more adventures to look forward to!


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Oh, man, Wolf Trap! That's one of my favorite stages. I saw Eddie from Ohio there a while ago.


Also, look forward to seeing you at Bfair!

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