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Operation: Reading Rainbow

Black Six


I realized yesterday that Halo 4 comes out in just over two months! How crazy is that? I still need to preorder my copy and make sure I take off from work. On the plus side though, the footage that came out of PAX this weekend helped me decide that I should go to the midnight opening for it.


But what I really thought of when I had this epiphany was that I'm still three books out of date in the Halo series. I haven't read Cryptum, Primordium, or Glasslands.


I've decided to rectify this by reading through all of the Halo novels in the next two months. I'm already over halfway through The Fall of Reach. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed it.


I'm looking forward to rereading some favorites and experiencing the works of the newest Halo authors.


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I'd totally match you on this if I weren't 200 pages into a 900+ page book already. Maybe after Halo 4 launches....


That Grifball reveal video was amazing. And the ViDoc? Yesssssssssss.

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And since the Thursday War is out in a month, you'll have another.


I like all the books (except the Flood), though Primordium and Cryptum were certainly something different. Took me a long time to finish them because they weren't very engaging to me, but they were still good.

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Thanks for the reminder. I was making an Amazon order so I preordered it, just to be ready.


I'm making pretty good time so far I think, so hopefully I'll have some slack in case the Greg Bear books take a while to get through.

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