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LEGO Ninjago New Episodes Resume This Wednesday!



Didn't want to double-post in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series topic, so figured I'd post it here to make sure the BZPower crowd knew to expect a new episode.


If you've seen the trailer for this one (which aired during the LEGO Star Wars special The Empire Strikes Out), you know that this upcoming episode introduces the Stone Army as well as

Lloyd's mother. And here I was thinking his mother would never even be mentioned, like Bowser Jr's real mother (if he's not some kind of freaky clone, which is probably more likely than Mario's nemesis ever finding love, so yeah).



Also I have it on good authority that this next episode will start the plot moving along at a rather exciting pace. There's lots of good music to enjoy in the remaining half of this season, including a brilliant piece titled The Temple of Light which I encourage everyone to listen to-- it features Lloyd's leitmotif and is part of the not-yet-aired episode 23, "Island of Darkness").


Of course, we have good reason to believe that this season is the last one, but if things are brought to a fitting conclusion I will have no problems with this, and I look forward to seeing how things turn out.


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Yeah, I saw that trailer while I was watching The Empire Strikes Out last week. And well, I must say it is kind of gotten me interested in checking the series out some more as it looks interesting. Hm... *shrugs*


Wow...That's pretty nice piece of music there. :) Thanks for pointing it out, Mister Aanchir.


- JMJ 2012

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I am pumped!!!


An we meet Lloyd's mother, but... How did she and far mason meet and....how?


Hopefully this explains everything

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