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"Bing it On"



I took that challenge, even though the commercials are really obnoxious. It's weird, because I feel like I generally have preferred Bing in the past (it's my default on Chrome), but in ALL the blind searches I chose Google. I guess I just have Microsoft bias. Or I was searching for things that didn't really turn up disparate results so it was a fifty fifty toss up. I do feel like Bing turns up more relevant results when asking questions.


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"Googling" is a whole lot easier to say than "Binging", so I use Google.

They also have that awesome image identification feature.

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I just don't really like Bing's format compared to Google. Which is kinda a dumb complaint since they're practically the same, but whatever.


Also what Paleo said, the image thing is cool.


(on another note when I searched pie in Bing, Epic Pie Time was the first video result so I don't know if that's a sign)

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I have nothing against Bing... I actually prefer it for searching for plane ticket prices. But in general, when I've compared search results between the two sites, they're often quite similar so it really is a 50/50 tossup. (And so since I already prefer the Google format, I just use that.)



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At least searches don't appear to be biased in favor of Microsoft anymore. I seem to recall that in the early days of Bing, searching for "Nintendo/Sony/Macintosh (insert product here)" would bring up a competing Microsoft product instead.

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I prefer Google. Bing's format doesn't work for me, and I've found that it tends not to bring up as relevant of results as Google.

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