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Pokémon X and Pokémon Y



Because every Pokémon fan knew there'd be huge reception.


OK, my opinions on this new game are:


1) THAT WAS QUICK! A new generation only two years after the release of the previous!

2) This is the first generation EVER where the first revealed Pokémon are its starters!

3) I believe Pokémon sprites as we know them are no more. There is WAY too much animation now!


5) on the topic of Machop's availability, it may be a version exclusive, whose exclusive partner is Timburr.


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@1) Yeah, Generation 5 was definitely quick.


Although from business point of view that it is not surprising since Generation 5 was made at like end of DS's lifetime and begin of 3DS's. So obviously they were going to have to make a 3DS title soon and it only make sense to make a new Generation for that title.


@2) It is also going to be first Generation to ever have a worldwide release instead of Japan get it first and we wait for localization.


@3) Yeah, I am kind sad to see that happen. Although I am strangely welcoming to this change though and I definitely looking forward to these new games. :)


@4-5) Hm...It is still too early to tell about that one. But it looks like there is mixture of Kanto and Unova Pokemon in this region. We will just have to wait and see.


- JMJ 2013

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1. I'm saddened that Generation 5 lasted so short a time; but as JMJ said, it makes sense. The DS is dead, and the 3DS is in full force. It took them two years to get the DS up and running enough for Diamond and Pearl to release; and it's done the same for X and Y. And if you paid attention, I think Black/White 2's release was(Maybe not intentionally) a foreshadowing of this release. Japan's used to releases in October, but we used to get it in March. This allows both to be comfortable now, without staggering the release.


2. Yeah, both those things are freaking awesome. ESPECIALLY the worldwide release. It's about time, Gamefreak! =D Just in time to avoid complaints about the region lock, too, which is awesome.


3. Those are most certainly not sprites, no. Those are indeed models; cel shaded models, to be precise. I honestly don't mind it, though, since it looks like they're staying true to the actual sprites, unlike... *Looks over at Stadium and a couple of it's models, which managed to keep the same style through to the Wii* Yeah. =P But yeah, it'll make spriting for stuff like trainer card signatures horribly difficult, but it's the 3DS; it deserves the update. =)


4-5) I think it's safe to say that if not during the main game, it'll be available post game. But; what I'm curious about, is how to transfer. If it's like Black/White's transfer system, that'll be perfectly fine, since I still have my old DS. But what if it'll use something like the Dream Radar's transferring system? Or in other words, read from the card, safe to the SD card, and then look for X or Y when it's inserted.


The only thing I'm really sad about, is that I once again don't have a way to trade between myself; but since I won't have a second game(Unless I get both X AND Y), that won't matter. =P ... At least, until the next games. >>'


I AM looking forward to the 3DS features that'll inevitably get pout in, though. ^_^ ... I also foresee tons of walking in my future, since they'll almost definitely stick Play Coin 'Integration' into it. =P(They seriously need to raise that limit by now; I shouldn't have to choose whether to use my 10 per day on Sonic Generations, Streetpass Plaza, or whatever else eventually gets it. I should be able to use ten a day on each. So really, 100 per day would fit, if you figured that you'd only have ten things at a time that used Play Coins, that you cared about) But, eh, that's a problem that should be fixed in one way or the other by the time October rolls around. If I still haven't unlocked all 100 missions in Sonic Generations by then, then there's a whole other problem. =P

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