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Well That Lasted Long

Great Being #1


I'm not very good at this staying active thing am I :P well I've been on a couple times since my last entry but didnt really have time to post or hang around much. I guess that's what happens when you're studying electrical engineering at a top school, doesnt leave much time for other stuff. Anyway in the meantime I finish the N Silver book and am trying to find time to read The Brain That Changes Itself.


I've also been keeping up with one of my favourite things, sports. The Super Bowl was great though i'm not sure why everybody thinks Beyonce's performance was amazing. Dont get me wrong she was great but i feel like the stage and routine was too cluttered. My Raps swung a big deal and landed Rudy Gay which makes me happy since he's a great basketball players. Oh and hockey's making everybody in Canada super happy. Anywho that's about it, now back to schoolwork.




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