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  1. New story somewhere else that ties into SM would be ideal. Serials should be completed and their stories/repercussions worked into the main plot as well. As for the driving force, let it just be mysterious again!
  2. Happy Birthday! I started a birthday topic.

  3. I'm not very good at this staying active thing am I well I've been on a couple times since my last entry but didnt really have time to post or hang around much. I guess that's what happens when you're studying electrical engineering at a top school, doesnt leave much time for other stuff. Anyway in the meantime I finish the N Silver book and am trying to find time to read The Brain That Changes Itself. I've also been keeping up with one of my favourite things, sports. The Super Bowl was great though i'm not sure why everybody thinks Beyonce's performance was amazing. Dont get me wrong she was great but i feel like the stage and routine was too cluttered. My Raps swung a big deal and landed Rudy Gay which makes me happy since he's a great basketball players. Oh and hockey's making everybody in Canada super happy. Anywho that's about it, now back to schoolwork. ~GB#1
  4. So as some of you may know I've basically been MIA from BZ/BS01 for 2 years. This is due to mostly your typical RL stuff then again you never know, maybe the end of the bionicle line affected me subconsciously or something Anyway I'm sorta kinda back (new and improved with PMship) as in i'm trying to be around multiple times a week. In the meantime not much special going on going through the typical struggles of an Electrical/Computer Eng undergrad student. I'm also currently reading The Signal and the Noise: Why Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don't by Nate Silver. I'm only about two thirds of the way though but have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. As the title implies the book talks about predictions/forecasts, the reasons for their success/failure and how to make them more accurate. This is done though many examples ranging from sports to economics to weather to poker. Although the author is a statistician the book is not very math/math-theory heavy (although there is a decent number of stats to back up the claims). I would recommend it to everybody as its a great read. ~GB#1
  5. OK that's so cool. I wonder how it compares to modern houses structurally, Lego seems to be incredibly durable and strong so it wouldn't surprise me if it could survive even in fairly harsh climates.
  6. Ny'oh my gawd that's so awesome. I do wonder if it would be possible to build a legit fully functional house out of lego?
  7. Bones that's exactly what i said 15-20 posts ago (near the end of page one) except that i phrased it in a way of the people "fixing" the red star rather than killing the Kestora (maybe they can reprogram them or something).
  8. Are we sure he's eliminating just people who are acting out of the GB's plans however? I feel like basically everybody from the MU should be dead by that description.
  9. Well Velika obviously hated how poorly he was fixed when sent to Karzahni so that could be an answer to his murder but it would not explain much else.
  10. So there's a chance my mini-theory is plausible then if the Red Star does indeed still take the dead from MN. I admit its more than shaky but it kinda makes sense and that way we could still think of Velika as a good guy.
  11. So we dont know if the red star is still teleporting people to it even from SM? I guess youre right the memorial wouldn't make much sense but still maybe he's making it in case they cant figure out a way to get back :S I dont know
  12. Thats awesome, random spontaneous Bionicle encounters.
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