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Fanfic News




I am pleased to announce today that I finished editing the sixth draft of my upcoming epic, Dawn of the New Century.


Why is this so important to know, dear readers?


Well, it's important because this is also the end of the editing process. Which means that tomorrow, Monday, April 22, 2013, I will post the first chapter of Dawn, followed by the second chapter on Friday.


You may have noticed that I am going to post two chapters this week, instead of the usual one. That's because Dawn is 29 chapters long, which, if posted once a week, would take 29 weeks to post completely, which is roughly half a year, which is also way too freaking long a time for anyone to follow a fanfic, no matter how good it is. I feel it will be easier to keep up interest if updates are frequent, though not too frequent; otherwise, I risk turning off readers because they never have time to read the latest chapters because they know they'll always be behind.


Thus, expect new chapters of Dawn every Monday and Friday, though if I am unable to post any on a particular day, I will do my best to make up for it as quickly as possible.


See ya,






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