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The actor [Gal Gadot] that is slated to play Wonder Woman has confirmed that she is undergoing some serious training/physical conditioning for the movie.


Training that involves swords.


I may still have some doubts about her acting ability, based on what I know her to have been in - the Fast & Furious franchise isn't exactly known for nuanced performances, or actors capable of the like, but...


Well, if the long list of training material is any indication of her role in the movie - a list including swords, Kung Fu, swords, Ju-jitsu, and freaking swords you guys - then Wonder Woman is going to be a pretty entertaining character in a braindead action movie about Batffleck and some neck-snapping enthusiast wearing Superman like a cheap suit.


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Mmh. No word on what kind of swords - one would hope for Greek ones, but I'm not holding my breath. That Kung Fu and Ju-jitsu are included, but Pankration, an actual ancient Greek martial art, is not, suggests to me that they're not exactly looking to emphasize the Greek angle on this take.

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