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oh uh wow



okay so quick summary


my browser(s) started crashing on me a few weeks back so I migrated to Opera without any problems but I've had to reset my password saving preferences and I've been too lazy to dig up my BZP password but I finally sifted through my entire media collection folder to find the most recent file so here I am


2013 was confusing, disappointing, aggravating? I made some of the best decisions of my life that year and as a result had to deal with some of the worst consequences. I choose to see it as clearing the way for a better year though so I've accepted what happened.


My big resolutions would probably be to stay involved in the community more and to keep consistent practice in my writing and art? And a few more personal things but w/e (also spending less time on the internet because it's an endless black hole but I know that'll go right out the window as soon as I have a day off with nothing else to do that's pretty low on my priorities)


Moving out, finding a place on the west coast and getting a better job once I'm there is a pretty big goal. That has a lot to do with some of the decisions I made here and what I've been dealing with as a result. I enjoy living on my own but the idea of leaving is really weird/sad? I mean I know that it has to happen sooner or later but facing the idea that I'm finally going to do is is tough. (I will be living a lot closer to some supes rad people once I'm there so that's cool)


I should outline my goals a little more but I guess I'll do that later




someday I'll make a comic/epic that I''l actually finish but I admit that I'm still attached to Studio Comic





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thank u friends I think I will also enjoy portland and being in close proximity to so many great people who live all up and down the west coast
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