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I really need to learn to avoid any and all discussions of Lego part quality. The amount of misinformation in them tends to make my blood boil. Like the idea that the plastic formulation in Bionicle parts ever changed across its ten-year lifespan (excepting the introduction of new materials like the rubbery plastic tubing of 2007 onward), or the notion that Chinese production is inherently inferior (and cannot be made better or more reliable). I just read an interesting article about Lego setting a target date for transitioning off of ABS as its primary material, which is a considerable challenge but an admirable one in terms of sustainability and a fascinating notion as it relates to materials science. Yet I'm already dreading the furor that is sure to erupt in Lego communities regarding this news, which is sure to only get worse with each passing year.

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Like the idea that the plastic formulation in Bionicle parts ever changed across its ten-year lifespan



I could have sworn I heard somewhere that they'd done something to Lime Green at some point past 2007? because I remember Lime Green was always somewhat fragile. Did they change Lime Green or just change the more breakable molds?

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Lime Green joints were more brittle in 2007 due to a large batch of parts that were improperly cooled after being cast, and in 2008 the redesign of all the joints unintentionally put them under more stress during normal use (causing fragility regardless of color). The myth that the lime green joints were due to any form of cost-cutting or that the plastic formulation for the joints ever changed is a meme that simply will not die, no matter how much evidence piles up against it.

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