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quick request for you shutterbugs



I have a MoC I want to photograph that uses a lot of white, but also uses a good bit of black in key points, and I don't want to use a background that either of those blends into. Anyone have any advice for photographing something like this?


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I would (essentially) green screen it; pick a green/blue/red background, and that will contrast. If you don't use any dark gray pieces, some shade of gray may work well also.


No idea how helpful this is, but it may be a start. :)



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Kakaru is right- black posterboard is actually a medium grey in photos. I think coloured backgrounds give weird casts to the MOC, and if you're going to do a coloured background it should be shot on white or black/grey and the colour should be added in via Photoshop, unless you're prepared to do a ton of colour cast correction.

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I tried using a light blue bedsheet as a backdrop for a MOC once so that its white and black parts would be distinguishable, and it didn't work as well as I had hoped. Certainly it had a lot of contrast with the MOC, but the issue is that the shinier parts of the model reflected the backdrop color, distorting the model's actual colors. So I think Deevee and Kakaru have the right idea.

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