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Tech Help Needed



My new build runs a solid-state and hard drive together, but the HD doesn't have a letter under Disk Management, and when I right click, the menu there doesn't give me the option to add one.


How do I name this drive so I can use it?


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Couple things:

-Is the drive formatted? (Actually, maybe just post a screenshot of your Disk Management screen.)

-Try opening a command line, running "diskpart", then "list disk", "select disk N" (where N is the disk in question), "list volume", and posting the output here.

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Gonna guess the 1863 unallocated GB is the hard drive.


First off, to confirm: this is a new hard drive (or at least one with nothing important)? If so, do as follows. Otherwise don't do as follows 'cause it'll wipe what's on there.


Right-click it (the area down below with "1863 GB") and look for an option to make a new simple partition or new volume. Follow through with that, and afterwards right-click it again and you should be able to assign a drive letter.


If there is data on it you want to save, you'll need some recovery software to repair the partition.

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Yup, a new simple volume should work fine, assuming you don't want to do anything fancy with the hard disk (divide it into two chunks of space seen as separate drives, etc.)

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Mostly, I was planning on using it to store stuff, to be honest.


Aaand, there we go! H: drive!


Many thanks, yo. Couldn't have done it without you.

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There maaaaaay be a new issue though.


Even after updating the drivers on my nvidia geforce 660 ti graphics card, it says my card doesn't support Aero Effects??

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