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Metru Nui Online Game



While I was a fan of Bionicle for its entire lifespan, I was often disappointed by its video games. There was obviously one exception—the original Mata Nui Online Game, which I feel was the best tool Lego ever used for establishing a world for a new line of sets. Later settings lacked any such vehicle for immersive world-building, and I think they suffered for it.


If I could program in Flash (or anything else, for that matter), I'd love to create a "Metru Nui Online Game" based on the original MNOG. My concept for such a game would involve a Matoran (possibly Jaller, who had previously investigated the Toa Tuyet killings) being asked by Toa Lhikan to investigate the ongoing disappearances of the Toa Mangai. Such a story would allow for the exploration of Metru Nui, and a darker, more noir take on the MNOG formula (imagine if during the battles in which Takua was introduced to the Toa Mata in the MNOG, the Toa LOST and Takua could do nothing but watch). The climax would involve the discovery that Turaga Dume was behind the killings, and your character having to steal the Toa Stones so that Toa Lhikan could use them to train a new team of Toa to save the city.


Obviously such a game couldn't have a completely happy ending; to maintain a semblance of canon and explain your heroic Matoran's absence in the main story they would have to be captured after delivering the Toa Stones. That's the other reason Jaller would be an ideal character in my opinion—it'd allow for a bittersweet epilogue, with his mask possibly being damaged over the course of his adventure and the epilogue being his awakening on Mata Nui (on the same beach the original MNOG started and ended on), and receiving Lhikan's mask from Turaga Vakama.


Again, though, no matter how much I conceptualize, this is just another of those ideas I'll likely never be able to bring to fruition. I just don't have the skills necessary to make this dream a reality.

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There was a BZP member -can't remember who- who created a Metru Nui online game and posted it on here about five years ago. It wasn't quite in the style of the original MNOLG (and I don't know how it ends- never finished it), but it might be worth your while to check it out. Here's a link.

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Dude, I've been considering making an entry a bit like this myself. I've often thought that all the other years of BIONICLE really needed something like the MNOG. I should really go and write my ideas out.

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Please do this. Metru Nui was my favourite arc. I'd be a 100% supporter

It's not a matter of me choosing not to. I have next to no experience with Flash nor any other means of programming a game. Conceivably I could partner with someone to make it, but lately I've been having too much trouble focusing on my actual future (getting a job, creating a portfolio, etc.) to commit to what would inevitably have to be a fairly massive fan project.


Back in 2006 I also envisioned a Voya Nui Online Game that told the story of the six rebel Matoran and delivered a bit more on the party mechanics and RPG-style battling of the Kini-Nui portion of the original MNOG. That one probably would be even less practical, though—it'd have less charm than the more adventure-like MNOG if you did that, and besides, there's fewer empty spaces in the 2006 story to fill with new story and gameplay.

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