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Various Important Things



First off: The Chima RPG Collab Contest-esque Thing (Contesque?) is heading into the home stretch (well, more accurately, it tripped over its own feet about a foot away from the home stretch and kind of laid there in the street for a week or so), so if you have any general ideas to input, this is your last chance! A full RPG opener post should be getting cobbled together in the near future.


Second off: I'm bluer. Whoops. You won't see me around Q&A or Comics as much anymore (insert "when were you around comics" here, nyuk nyuk nyuk), but I am now FL for the Library as a whole, plus the Bionicle and Lego RPG forums. If you ever have any concerns, suggestions, or questions about those forums, please feel free to reach out to me - I'm listening! And while this has always gone as long as I've been staff, if you ever have any concerns about BZP as a whole, a member's behavior, or anything at all, my PM box is always open; I want to make BZP a welcoming and safe space for people.


Third off: I'm in the middle of finals week (my final finals week, actually), so if I'm a little slow to respond to messages, that's why. I should be free done about a week from today.


Fourth off: I wrote a thing again. When I get a chance to catch my breath, I'll probably have more to say about the process of writing Krahka and Onewa, but all that really matters is that Janus is the world's greatest editor.


Think that's it for the moment. Happy springtime! ("But it's been spring for a while," some of you say. Some of you don't live in a frozen nightmare.)

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At first I was going to comment about the lack of comfy furniture, mahogany bookshelves and reading lamps in the library, buuut then I saw that "Frozen Nightmare" comment, and, well...




Carry on.

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