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LEGO Ambassador Network

Black Six


Keith Severson (Senior Manager, CEE Community Support) recently shared the below information with the Ambassadors about changes coming to the program. I'm really looking forward to the changes and hoping they strengthen and grow the community as a whole.

Hello Ambassadors,


I just wanted to give everyone an exciting update on the upcoming LEGO Ambassador Network!


We are right now in final phases of finishing the documentation as well as the communication plan.


So here is the plan.


End of MAY announcement of the new network. This will include all of the documentation.

End of September GO LIVE. Meaning we will start accepting application and bring ambassadors into the new forums.


When we release all of the documentation end of May we will also host a number of sessions to answer questions. We will also send this information out to every contact we have as well as encourage fan sites to share it as well. We want all of the AFOL community to be aware of the program.


Between May and September we hope that every community group selects their ambassador and can start filling out the application form (will also go out end of May). This way when we go live we can on board as many community groups as possible.


Also regarding the forums. I can confirm that we will be moving to a new platform and it is the same platform we now use LEGO IDEAS on. While we are still finalizing exact look and feel of the forum, we are aiming to have a nice clean and simple interface as you can now experience on the new IDEAS site. Be aware that we will not migrate anything from the LEGO Project Rooms forum, it will be a fresh start. We will continue to use LPR until we go live on the new forum.


Just to highlight a couple big changes within the new LEGO Ambassador network.

  • The LEGO Ambassador Networks primary function is to act as a hub for Ambassadors to network and strength relationships as well as interacting with the community team
  • To qualify for an ambassadorship you must represent an AFOL community group (i.e. LUG or online site)
  • There is no pre-requisites to being an ambassador from TLG, however there is a level of professionalism and respectful behavior which we expect Ambassadors to live up to.
  • It is a requirement to have an ambassador in order for a LUG to have access to support programs (i.e. LUGBULK)
  • Within the forum there will be Workgroups which will have focused conversations around topics
  • Each workgroup will be managed by one or more community team members as well as one or more Ambassadors which are selected by me
  • Workgroups provide the opportunity to focus discussion and create content which can be used by other Ambassadors or provide strong argument to take to TLG for consideration.

These are just some of the many highlights to the new program. We are looking forward to creating a dramatic shift with this program which we feel will create strong value to community groups as well as TLG. There is a number of very interesting topic that we would like to the workgroups to tackle right from day one and we are sure that many ambassadors have ideas to formulate and co-create as well!


Please be looking forward to get the full information at the end of the month!

If you have any questions about the responsibilities or anything about the new program, I'll do my best to answer them.

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