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why do people feel the need to enforce the "correct" use of a language


especially one as ridiculously flawed as english


some people arent able to use it "correctly" for any number of reasons and thats fine


some people just dont want to use it "correctly" and thats fine


it really isnt anyones place to be complaining that people are doing a thing in a language wrong when the act of doing that thing "wrong" literally has no effect on them whatsoever


there are appropriate times and places to use a language "correctly" and im pretty positive that most people are able to discern for themselves what those times and places are, and if they arent able to then guess what! it still doesnt affect a majority of people


this is coming from someone who not two years ago was an absolute grammar fanatic. i would watch Your Grammar Sucks religiously. i would point out someone elses grammatical error repeatedly and laugh to myself. i was obsessed with the "proper" definitions of words and would immediately call anyone out who used one "incorrectly"


and then i realized that this kind of behavior is generally recognized as being synonymous with "being a jerk"....to say the very least. and i got myself out of the habit of doing it and i relaxed my own personal rules for how i could write and it feels good


cause see, its not a matter of "i dont want to be corrected" and i highly doubt that thats the case for most people. really the problem people have is that other people feel the need to correct them, unbidden, on spelling and grammatical errors in the first place. it really isnt anyones place to point out "errors" unless the person who made said errors specifically asks them about it. its just downright rude


so im going to continue using as casual and colloquial a tone as i want when i see fit and i encourage everyone to do the same. explore. see what style of writing feels most comfortable to you. theres no reason whatsoever to constantly, rigidly uphold grammar standards in every part of your life, especially when that involves enforcing them on everyone else as well


and for the record: words have reversed their meanings before: see 'awesome'. 'literally' is no different, and i think it should be fairly obvious when people mean it one way or the other. please stop arguing over it. language changes. embrace it. literally

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