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  1. yknow if most people cant tell if youre joking or not you should probably just try writing better jokes
  2. nidhiki and orde and gorast are all trans girls and thats just the facts folks

  3. thats cause crabs are gay. sorry i dont make the rules
  4. Yikes. I gotta be honest, this is a bad take if ever I saw one. Reproductive ability is not, never has been, and never will be a necessary prerequisite to loving or being loved by someone. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that people who are sterile due to age or disability, people who don't want kids, etc. are condemned to lives of loneliness, and that is some steaming hot garbage. Have you considered that a lot of people fall in love with others based on who they are as PEOPLE rather than out of any desire or ability to procreate? If you honestly believe all that tripe I've gotta say, YOU'RE the one objectifying the concept of romance by trying to boil it down to some crude biological need, and you've been deceived way worse than anybody else in this topic, "venom of the serpent" (whatever THAT is) notwithstanding. I hope maybe one day you understand what love actually means as opposed to the ludicrous lies you've been sold. scott i am going to actually thank you in person at brickfair for this post, whenever i see you next
  5. anyway korgot is my wife and there's nothing you can do about it i forgot to mention jo is my other bionicle wife. im blessed
  6. that's her secret, Cap... her memes are always deep fried
  7. Cambion

    im gay

    ha ha gay
  8. hello. yes. i come for you in the dreaming hours

    1. Sumiki


      sounds like me with farm animals

    2. Catra
  9. Cambion


    oh no Oh No [the faint sound of iron maiden playing in the distance]
  10. Cambion

    name change

    i like the thing that you like (a Lot) and i am also slightly impressed that that username wasn't already taken
  11. "LEGOs", "Legos" and "legos" may not be correct, but here's another fun fact for you almost no one cares
  12. one book for one year of story has happened to Bionicle before. the books retroactively written for years 1 through 3 (except mask of light) served their purpose just fine imo (aside from all their weird Hapka-isms).
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