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  1. The original six Toa and an orange Vahi.
  2. I bought it when there were more perks. I doubt many are still buying it.
  3. Alot of better Lego sets out there. Would rather save up for the UCS Falcon!
  4. 17 years visiting the site. Time flies
  5. Bionicle sets took a nose dive with the Nuva remakes.
  6. What an interesting concept. Was completely surprised when I saw it. Curious to see how many waves it will have.
  7. If only they made Stamford bridge. Utd truly trying to make as much money as possible.
  8. Reya

    Hello Everyone

    Hey everyone! Made this account 16 years ago. Crazy how time flies. In that time, I finished elementary school, high school, my bachelor's degree and my masters. Now I live in Germany. Who would have thought. When I get home, i think I'll display my 6 OG Toa. Man those were the best.
  9. It really seems like the designer never stepped in a bookstore. That said, first day buy for me.
  10. I play OW and Rocket League quite regularly. The last game I played single player was Red Dead 2.
  11. I come back from time to time because of the Nostalgia. Can't believe I have been a member for almost 16 years.
  12. I always come back to see what people are posting here hehe.
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