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Bionicle 2015: My Verdict



Having seen what little I can from NYCC (being unable to go because I'm Australian and being limited in what I can see because I was at TAFE all day today), I have formed more of an opinion and verdict of Bionicle 2015. Obviously there's a lot I still don't know, but this is what I can make of Bionicle 2015 thus far:



Gali, Onua (or Onya according to the website), Lewa, Tahu, Pohatu and Kopaka have been confirmed to still be Toa. However, Lewa seems to have control over both air AND plant life, which I find quite confusing. It is stated that they "crashed" on the island of Otoko, implying that they hail from elsewhere, providing evidence there will soon be exploration of more of the world no matter what world or canon this is.


Kopaka continues to remind me of myself, but now in a different way. Something about him being clumsy!?




I still know nothing about these "Defenders" except that they are native to Otoko. What they are, what they do, whether I consider them worth buying, I still don't know.



Makuta and Ekimu

The presence of a character with the name "Makuta" proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a 100% reboot, with NO connections to the 2001-2011 story or canon, and honestly I am disappointed. I lost interest in Digimon because they rebooted it (and they keep rebooting the story over and over and over again), and I fear I may lose interest in Bionicle for the same reason.


The only legitimate reason ANY form of continuation would have another "Makuta" is if this Makuta is a Great Being, and the species was named after him. But can Great Beings wear and use masks? Probably not.


If these two became sets (and they probably will next semester, begging the question of what the other three large sets will be), I would love to see a combiner model for them, especially if said combiner was Artakha (which won't happen because it's a reboot, but it's a nice thought).



Clear Hau



Okay I kid because of the reboot thing but that's the first thing that comes to mind when I see a clear mask.




All are welcome to criticise and prove me wrong (providing actual PROOF if they do so), as long as you are gentle.


Recommended Comments

Your assessments of most of the things seem to actually be fairly accurate. I'll clarify a few things for you.

  • I love the new Toa designs as well as what we've seen of their characterization. It's nice that more of the characters will have genuine weaknesses, and hopefully those faults will encourage them to work together more. Plus it'll be nice to be able to laugh at more of the characters instead of having one or two dedicated to comic relief and the rest being super-serious all the time. One of the coolest things about the new sets is that they have varying heights and builds, so they're much less uniform and more distinct than the original Toa. This will be echoed in the animations—each Toa's silhouette is unique, meaning they'll stand out individually AND look great as a group.
  • At the panel, we were told that the "Protectors" basically serve the same role as Turaga, save for doing slightly more fighting of their own. They are both the elders and guardians of the villages on Okoto. I don't know quite what the villagers are like, but I expect that unlike the Turaga, they aren't biologically distinct from the Protectors themselves. I don't mind the lack of names for the Protectors that much now that I know their roles. Maybe they do have names, but "Protector of Fire" serves as a fine and distinctive title, like "Black Knight" or "Lord of the Underworld".
  • Makuta and Ekimu are basically new characters. I imagine Makuta retained his name since he fills the same role he did originally (that of a scheming and jealous usurper), whereas Ekimu is very different from Mata Nui—he's basically Makuta's equal, not a god or a giant robot. If they appear as sets, I doubt they'll be titans, since their appearance is very similar to that of the Protectors—but perhaps they'll still appear in large sets with vehicles or mounts of some sort just to make their masks more exclusive. Or maybe they won't appear in sets in those forms at all—after all, from the Legend video it seems that their masks may be all that remains of them.
  • The clear Hau is indeed amazing. It could maybe work for Jerbraz, but since there aren't a lot of other clear parts you'd maybe have to work with other transparent colors as well. It's possible that the masks will work with either the Glatorian or Brain Attack heads; I'll find out for sure when I get home. But if it doesn't, it should still work with a regular ball cup or similar part.
I encourage you to look at the new theme with an open mind, even though it is a reboot. The sets are fantastic, and the story looks like it will be plenty of fun (though it will obviously be very different from the original Bionicle). If you have any other questions about the NYCC panel, the story, or the sets, feel free to PM me—it's becoming very hard for me to keep up with discussions at the current level of activity, so until things cool down a bit it might be easier for me to discuss things with other members one-on-one.
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Glad that you're giving the new theme a chance even though you're not totally comfortable with the idea of a reboot. I know you have been not just waiting but actively lobbying for BIONICLE to come back for a long time and I hope you're able to enjoy it even if it doesn't meet all your expectations!

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