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so basically ive got a lot of things i want to give away from crates so far this smissmas update


soooooooo i'm gonna propose a BZP Smissmas Secret Santa. Comment here to sign up, prepare to buy some Gift Wrap, and I'll figure out how we can distribute names without me finding out who my Santa is.


People who wanna give more than one gift are welcome to, we can just do a few rounds!


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I... think I'd be up for it? Would we be like, giving away Keys, or what?


Also, when? Because I'm probably not gonna be able to do anything steam related except chatting next week so

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I need to wait at least a week for my gifts, so, maybe New Year or some time around then?


And just, keys, hats, weapons, anything you wanna gift to someone. I know I'll be throwing Festive Weapons into the mix. Ain't gotta be worth much. Tis the season for giving!

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If we could reschedule it to like, after January 3rd then I'll be able to participate, since I'm away from the 26th until then.

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