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From: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!





Hey Vezon, what would you do if a big, yellow, one-eyed yellow Rahi appeared in your (Ghidora's) house?




Hey Vezon, have you seen any large, angry dragons running rampant recently? I think yours might have gotten loose.




Hey Vezon, what do you think of annoying little Le-Matoran?




Also, hoy good of a singer are you?




Vezon, what would happen if you hollowed out a planet? Would gravity pull to the center of the walls from the inside?












Once upon a time, there was a house. Inside the house was a cowering idiot named Ghidora, and a supreme evil overlord of supreme evil named Vezon. Vezon was enjoying a nice pina colada, when suddenly, a pesky little Matoran named Dallior burst through the doors, carrying only a frying pan. "Dallior here to work-slave, I guess!" the figure said with unintelligible tree-speak. "And... whoa. What quick-died in here?" Dallior looked around slowly, confused and utterly disgusted.


In his dazed state, Vezon captured him as well, and shouted "Now you're my slave! Get to checking my BZPower series!" Ghidora groaned miserably from inside the closet.


The poor and helpless Dallior was tossed into the kitchen by the soft, cruel hands of Vezon. "First get my smoothie going! then... Hehehe." The last line of text there made Dallior nervous. He slowly started making the smoothie when a pop! noise appeared for an instant behind him. He swung around to find a large yellow rahi with a Kualsi sitting behing him. "Are you langwajj?" it asked. Then it teleported away.




After a few attempts to make the big thing stop appearing everywhere, the noise and ruckuss reached the ears of the busy Vezon, who had just finished escorting the tied Ghidora into the basemet. He barged in and ran right into the creature, who at the time was investigating the smoothie of lima bean and car coolant. He turned to Vezon and said "Where langwajj?"




Vezon was trying to get out of this without getting it angry, so he said "Uh, right there." He pointed to the smoothie.




After a few seconds of staring at the smoothie with its big cyclopsian eye, it rotated towards Vezon, its voice very angry. "YOU KILL LANGWAJJ I WILL DESTRUOI YUO" Punching Vezon across the house, it grabbed him and began teleporting around, punching him as it did so. That is, until it started teleporting upwards until the mask fell off.




They were in orbit at that point.










Falling back towards the planet, they ended up going down on the opposite side of the world from where they had started. They hit the ground and began tearing right through it. Several seconds later, due to the power of this comedy, they appeared back next to Ghidora's house. Vezon had teleported there for safety, and the kind soul that he was, he left big ol' rahi in the core of this planet. Little did he know that now the planet was hollowed out, so anything could happen.




Dallior was surprised to see Vezon back. "Oh, you didn't die. That's... Great..." He said as he hid the suitcase he was holding.

Vezon pretended to ignore the suitcase behind Dallior's back. He then threw Dallior towards Ghidora's terrible Apple computer, and demanded, "Check my glorious BZPower Ask series! I need to see if any miserable mortals are in need of my infinite wisdom." Dallior grumbled at having to work with this stupid Mac, so he pulled his emergency Linux computer out of his suitcase. "Only the best!" Dallior gave a cheesy smile and thumbs-upped at the camera.


Vezon crushed the infomercial camera and shriekded at Dallior, "Back to work, slave... I mean, indentured servant." Dallior looked confused and asked Vezon, "Is shriekded even a word?" Vezon pulled out a dictionary, scribbled the word over the original "shriek" entry, and shoved it in the pesky Le-Matoran's face. "See? Word! Word! Word! Wo-"


"What's that entry?" Dallior pointed at the word, "moronic". Vezon read the entry, "What Vezon thinks of pesky little Le-Matoran." Dallior grumbled, "racist..." and continued searching the interwebs. "Ah! Here's someone who says that your Kardas Dragon is missing." "No, you fool! That's not how you say it!" Vezon shriekded again. "It's pronounced, KARDAS DRAGON!!!!!1!!1!ONE1!"


Dallior took a step back in order to plot a reasonable escape, only tripping over an album of Ghiddy's. It was the chuck norik millennial collection. Dallior thought for a sec, and then to distract vezon, began singing as good as Bing Crosby.


"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the one I used to-"


Vezon grabbed the annoying little Matoran and threw him at the wall. "That is terrible singing. Vezon show you how to sing." And Vezon cleared his throat, inhaled deeply and "sang".


"Ohohohhh, I weeshed I haad ah uneecoarn, on that's soah purty and WHIIIIiIIIIITE-"





Eventually Dallior woke up from the coma he had gone into at the start of Vezon's song, and was shocked by what happened. The house was in ruins. "oh yeah, Maybe!" said Vezon as he jumped off the desk. "Well, whaddya think?"




Dallior collapsed again.



And all the while Keetongu was supporting the planet's very existence, taking trips to star in other comedies.




Wow guys, that took WAY too long, but we got it out! Next five questions, please!



Source: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!



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