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BZPower Members in Dallas or Texas?

Black Six


I'm putting out a call to all of our BZPower members out there - who lives in the Dallas area or Texas in general?


BrickUniverse Dallas is happening this November and the organizer has been in touch and wants it to be a big event with lots of AFOLs and a big Bionicle presence. If you register as part of BZPower or BioniLUG we can probably get your registration fee waived as long as you bring at least one MOC for the display.


So let me know if you live in the area and might be interested in coming this fall!

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I'm thinking about going (haven't bought my ticket yet), and I might be interested in helping out somehow. I've never done organizing for a convention, so I would need information about what I would need to do, when, and where. Then I could figure out if I'm able to do it.

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