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Fanfic Idea



I've had an idea for a really long time but it might be too silly to make a semi-serious thing--


Humanized Nidhiki/Lhikan/Krekka and others in a buddy cop inspired epic on Metru Nui. The idea, I guess, could portray either Nidhiki as an amateur who gets paired with a veteran Lhikan, or maybe a jaded Nidhiki who gets paired with the newbie Krekka and Lhikan is a detective. Of course The Shadowed One would be the chief, and Dume would be the governor, but I don't think I want to go with the classic LOMN plot. Probably a new villain, not a new guy but a "good" or "neutral" Matoran playing the antagonistic role


I dunno, I definitely would like to put all these characters on the same side. Lariska, Roodaka, lots of other Dark Hunters as well, and the Toa Metru of course. All on the police force of a sorta humanized Metru Nui?


Though portraying the DH's as crooked cops and the good guys from Metru Nui as a gang opposing TSO's regime could be cool too.


Idk I'm just FULL OF ideas on this.

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The way you're describing it makes it sound like it could strike a rare but wonderful blend of silly and serious, actually.  Have you considered any references that could be made to the Vahki?  Maybe as ranks in the police force, or as the names of individual squads, or maybe using their emblem as the badge?  If we're talking any combination of "keeping order" and "Metru Nui" then a solid Vahki reference would really sell it.

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Oh definitely. I like to think the Vahki will be kept in as robot police squads, and they're slowly replacing the human ranks, so there's some conflict there.


They're a major plot point I have in mind actually.

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That sounds vaguely horrifying and pretty awesome.  The mix of humans and robots also sort of evokes the biomechanical feel in a different way, so seeing how the two separate pieces interact will be interesting.

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