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On Regenerative Powers In Bionicle...



(reposted from my blog elsewhere)


i’d like to see more regenerative mask powers in bionicle fanfics tbh. like there’s the canon mask of regeneration, and in mask of light gali uses water to heal tahu’s poison (though i dunno if this is strictly canon or just a movie thing that’s considered canon by default and it just has to be now) but most mask powers or elemental powers are highly combative.

with the mask of life playing such a big role you’d think these masks would be more common

as someone who likes playing cleric/healer roles in RPGs i think itd be nice to see more toa with medic powers, either during battle, after battle, or just in general. toa do more than battle!

  • anyway how about a mask of quick healing? like, when you use it it accelerates your own body’s natural healing process a la wolverine
  • a mask of poison removal, which already exists as a kanoka
  • a mask that lets you restore forgotten memories, or dredge up knowledge from others’ subconscious?
  • a mask which allows you to pinpoint the damage or non-working parts of a machine (or maybe even an organic body to a trained user) in order to fix it
  • a mask which converts the user’s elemental energy into elemental energy usable by the target, e.g. a toa of air drains his own elemental energy in order to give a toa of fire a boost

anyway this got too long. does anyone have any other ideas?


(also i doodled a calliope...check it out.. i should draw more often i think..)

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How about a mask that allows you to absorb the ills from others into your own body?  The true mask of a hero...

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There was also the Regeneration Kanoka, and while I did use it in stories to fix stuff, I also used it as a duplicator to regenerate inorganic things like rocks or Vahki...  Although coming up with creative uses for Removes Poison Kanoka was always challenging.



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How about a mask that allows you to absorb the ills from others into your own body?  The true mask of a hero...


Ooh, neat. I really like the idea of healers whose power isn't based upon removing damage, but instead transferring it from one target to another. Sort of where I was going with the elemental energy transfer mask. Perhaps it could be used in a more open-ended manner, like trading your own injuries to others to heal yourself? A jerk move against allies but it could be a weaponized form of healing, sort of like a draining attack.


@xccj: Duplicator? You mean like splitting a Vahki in half and repairing both halves to make two wholes? :P that's definitely a cool idea and I've definitely never thought of it but there might be some restriction in place as to how much it can repair. Like, restoring a lot of physical matter might be too tough, but I can see it kinda "cauterizing" the edges and making the mechanical parts of a machine work again?


What if Removes Poison was a bit less literal? You could maybe use it to diffuse mental unease, as if the problems floating around in someone's mind were a type of poison.


Ooh! Or: there's beneficial bacteria inside the human body, so maybe Matoran have a similar premise as well. If "poison" is open-ended, maybe beneficial microorganisms would be targeted. Use a Remove Poison Kanoka to...actually make somebody sick.

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