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Well, that wasn't too bad.



So after a few days of hatching Charmander eggs, I got lucky and got this guy. Literally did a double take when I realized he was shiny. 5 IV, but not exactly the 5 IVs I was looking for- I got Attack instead of HP (I'm gonna train him to be a special glass cannon or something) but that's not too consequential.


However, I'm at a loss for what to name him, so please write some suggestions for me in the comments! Keep in mind that he'll be a Charizard someday. Looking from anything from cool to casual, maybe something to do with fire. gogogo


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@Dragon: Thanks! Good luck to you! ^.^


@xccj: the secret art of traveling great distances by moving slowly


@Paleo: huuuuubert


@Xae: Quick Google search tells me I get to reference Arabian mythology, Final Fantasy, and Dungeons and Dragons with that name. rad


@Zox: tbh Fawkes is one of my favorites (idk why i didn't think of it earlier my potter knowledge is growing rusty i guess), might go with that

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