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The 4-Vacation Gauntlet Recap

Avohkah Tamer


As some of you may be aware, I had 4 consecutive weekend vacations this summer, due to BrickFair VA and Bronycon being a weekend apart, and my family planning two camping trips for before and after my convention trips. I'm on my way home from the final camping trip now, so I figure this gives me a good chance to recap.


Four vacations in a row sounds really nice and relaxing on paper, but to be perfectly honest, I'd say they make things more stressful than if they were spaced out. Imagine the stress of planning and packing for a trip, times four. And the whiplash of going back to work for several days between the vacations (and having to make up for the missed work each time) just served to make things even more hectic. Even still, the trips were fun.


Vacation 1: Camping with family (July 24 - 26)

My family typically has made plans to go camping once or twice a year for the last 10 years we've had our pop-out camper. Nowhere too remote, the farthest we've camped is in the Smoky Mountains (that was a really fun trip), but usually we just go somewhere more nearby, like Wisconsin. Plenty of campground areas there. Anyways, camping trip went fine, weather was excellent, swam in the lake and did typical camp things, nothing really stands out as worth mentioning. Oh yeah, and I got an awful sunburn while out on the lake. Like really awful. Even though I used sunscreen. And re-applied it hourly. Why.


Vacation 2: BrickFair VA (July 29 - August 3)

So I'm not gonna lie, this year's BrickFair was not quite as great as past years, for various reasons others have already touched on in their recap entries. Still great overall, just not... as great. Personally-speaking, though, the first few days were somewhat ruined for me by a really bad mood and a lot on my mind stemming from stress from home (so for those of you who may have noticed I wasn't quite myself for a lot of the con, that's why). Thankfully though, the good outweighed the bad, and I still had a whole lot of fun. It's always great hanging out at the BZP table each year, whether I'm participating in shenanigans with Team Farm Animals, hanging with the BZP staff, getting to chat with old friends, or meeting new people. BrickFair is easily the highlight of my year every year, and I'm really glad to call all of you my friends. All in all, I didn't get to do as much as I'd have liked to do this year (those 6 days went by way too fast), but you can be sure I'll be back next year.


Vacation 3: BronyCon 2015 (August 7-9)

Going into this convention, I had no idea what to expect. The largest event I've really been to is BrickFair, and that's a completely different sort of con that has a much smaller number of attendees outside of public hours. As soon as I stepped off the light rail from the airport, seeing dozens and dozens of fans and cosplayers walking the streets of Baltimore was really surreal and made me start to realize the scope of this event. The convention center itself was absolutely massive too, with the vendor hall alone being roughly the same size as BrickFair's expo hall. I eventually met up with Aanchir and Lyichir to hang out and get my stuff into the room, worked out a schedule for the panels I wanted to see, and just enjoyed the con. Overall, the atmosphere was just so incredibly positive and friendly, and the panels and music performances at Bronypalooza I got to see were phenomenal. I'm told the convention ran without a hitch, and hit a new record with over 10,000 attendees this year! If at all possible, I'm planning to go back next year (since it doesn't conflict with BrickFair again!).


Vacation 4: Camping with family (August 14-16)

For whatever reason, my family picked the exact same campground as the last trip. I mean, it's a decent one, so it's not all bad. Anyways, not a whole lot to say here that hasn't already been said above since it's largely the same experience. I did manage to avoid a sunburn this time, so that's a plus.


So that's how I spent my vacation days this year. It's been quite a ride, but I don't think I'm gonna plan consecutive vacations again if I can help it. It's just too much! D:

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