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New York Comic Con / Oh hey there



So far I only have Rebecca Sugar to look forward to, and that's gonna be super exciting! But what else is happening?


Does anyone know if LEGO has any plans to show up at this one? Perhaps something Bionicle will be involved? It was truly the highlight of NYCC for me last year, I think, so it's gonna feel really empty without Bionicle this time 'round.



Also if anyone else is going let me know!! :D


ALSO! Whoops, looks like I more or less vanished from BZP for the last few months or so. My bad! Busy, busy, busy. Traveled all up the US West Coast, was a camp counselor, got busy with school and work, lots of stuff going on. I'm gonna try to pop in more often, I did check up on the blogs regularly even if I wasn't logging in ^^

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There hasn't been any news about Lego having a presence, but I don't know why they wouldn't— the only reason they didn't two years ago was that the life-size X-Wing model in Times Square ate up the budget that would've otherwise gone toward a booth. Of course, you probably shouldn't expect the booth to be entirely devoted to Bionicle like last year, either.

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