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Batman's True Enemy.

Toa Smoke Monster


So I watched a short video yesterday that revealed who was Batman's ultimate enemy. It was made for comedy's sake, to kind of put a twist on Batman's fight against crime and not to be taken seriously. But I thought it had a neat concept. It had The Joker, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, and The Riddle all meeting with this person, who turned out to be Alfred, Bruce's butler.


Alfred then explained that Bruce was never able to cope with the death of his parents. But instead to dealing with his pain, he became Batman to fight Gotham's crimes as a way to cope with it. However, he would've gotten the city cleaned of crime in a short time, thus leaving him to time to think about losing his parents and about what he had become because of it: a ridiculously-dressed vigilante. So he hired actors to play characters who were just as ridiculous as Bruce so that he could continue to be Batman, and not realize the horrible reality of what happened to his parents. Alfred then says that he became Gotham's true crime lord to protect Bruce from himself.


(I would link the video here, but it has a word in it that is against the rules of BZP, so I won't.)


I should point out that his story was done in a Batman comic entitled 'Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?', which was published back in 2009. But still, I thought it was a cool twist to put on the story of Batman. All of Batman's greatest enemies, all sent against him and Gotham by the one person he trusts the most, so that he wouldn't have to deal with the reality of losing his parents.


Does anyone else think that could make for an amazing Batman movie? I kind of do. If done right, I think it could be an amazing story to see on screen. And who knows, maybe we will one day.

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