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In Dallas



Back in Dallas. Packed in 45 pounds of Lego in my suitcase, pretty sure some of it will be salvageable when I go to set it up tomorrow. Been interesting to be back, I guess. The 635 freeway was a total mess of construction the last time I was here, but now there's a fabulous expressway there. (Although Dallas traffic is as bad as Portlands, at least they do have a lot of infrastructure... Portland's roads are not expanding and only becoming more crowded.)


Anyway, I started that Hero Factory / Human world crossover story on my flight out. Going to enter it into NaNoWriMo now. I'll see how I do, since I'm clearly busy this month and only have vague ideas on the lot for it, but it'll give me something to do.


See y'all at Brick Universe Dallas tomorrow! (I mean, for those of you who are going.)



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Although Dallas traffic (and everything else) is worse than Portland's

FIFY. As someone who's lived in Portland and spent vast accumulated time in Dallas over the 20 years I lived in Oklahoma, I can vouch this is one hundred percent accurate.

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