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Brick Universe Dallas



So last weekend I attended Brick Universe in Dallas, Texas. This is actually the first non-local convention I've been to since BrickFair 2011, so it was fun to see how many MOCs I could cram into a suitcase. I got a fair amount there; I think my stuff took up about 3 tables. (Stuff was grouped together by builders rather than themes, but most of my stuff was Bionicle anyway so no big deal.) I do think I was the one who traveled the furthest to get there; Oregon is just a bit further away than Virginia or Florida.


I got to hang out with a lot of great folks, like Toaraga, danny316p, Emzee (Furiosa's Sidekick), InnerRayg, Zox Tomana, and some more who's names I'm forgetting. And then of course there was Matt from Beyond the Brick and this fellow Andrew from Bee-Zed-Power, who were always busy giving talks to the public or leading discussions and stuff. :P (And on the side, I got to hang out with one of my other friends who lives in the Dallas area after the convention.) Lots of great time spent.


The MOCs were quite amazing for a first year show, and the local people sure know how to build. And they also got a lot of public attendees. (It wasn't quite as crowded as BrickCon, but maybe that's because it wasn't packed as tightly either.) One of the more interesting bits was that there were a bunch of tables of loose brick for the public to build stuff, including white bricks for Architecture, loose red and blue bricks, Friends bricks, Star Wars bricks, and even a bunch of Bionicle elements. And the public built some fairly cool things, especially in Architecture. I was impressed anyway.


It was a fun event overall, and I thought it went over well for a first run in the Dallas area. I mean, their website was a little wonky, and they perhaps had a few more sessions than there was an audience for. (Except Danny went to all of them.) Still went out to eat at a few new places (to me) which seemed to include a lot of tacos. Oh, and on Sunday I threw my green spaceship, I'll be interested to see when those videos start popping online. ;) Overall, a fun weekend.


(I guess I could also mention that I started a NaNoWriMo story on the plane rides, both ways. Already two thirds through the month but only one fifth of the way there... I'll have some catching up to do, I guess.)


Pictures (and maybe a link to someone else's video) to come!



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