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Proposal for Name Change Thingy?




So... I get to change my name soon! Woo! I don't have to be an advertisement for Indivisible anymore, what a relief. xD Anyways! The 31st I get to change it. But what's the fun in doing it by myself? Here's an idea, Smash fans especially should listen closely!


So, for Smash 4 character reveal trailers, everyone has some sorta catchy tagline, right? Well, besides Mega Man who just gets a boring "Joins the Battle!" but that's besides the point. xP Okay, so there are... 7 DLC characters, I would like to say? Yeah. If people want to, how about organizing a group that large and changing names to the character taglines? Examples would be "Mewtwo Strikes Back!", "Roy Seals the Deal!", "Cloud Storms Into Battle!", etc. The only real problems as far as I can tell would be Lucas and Ryu, who have taglines that go past the 25 character limit. So for those, I would propose "Lucas From Nowhere!" and "New Challenger! Ryu!" All in all, we would need people for Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta.


Now, I'm thinking I'd be lucky to get anywhere near 7 members to do this silly idea. But if somehow there are more than that who would want to do this, well, uh... Probably do the tagline of one of the revealed Smash 4 newcomers. If more people would be willing to do that instead of a DLC character, then by all means tell me that! This is a silly idea like I said, I just wanted to do something a bit different and all. xD So yeah! If anyone's interested, give me a shout. I'll be organizing something should enough people get on board for this.



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