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Bionicle Window Decals?



How can I make this happen??


I've seen other pop culture decals on cars and I'm thinking I would like to have the original Kanohi on the back of mine. But how easy / difficult is it to get something like that printed? (And not bumper stickers... window decals are easy to move around if need be.)


Also kinda surprised I didn't blog at all in April or May. I mean, I've been a'lurkin' but just haven't posted stuff I guess. Been busy with life and work mostly work.


And, since I guess I haven't mentioned it here yet, I do have a flight and registration paid for BrickFair Virginia this summer. Not a 100% guarantee that I'll make it, but I'd be wasting a lot of money if I cancel now.




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Ray does vinyl sticker printing and cutting, might be worth it to message him and see if he has any know-how when it comes to window decals.

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