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Thoughts on Latest Pokemon Reveals

Toa Smoke Monster



The latest Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer is here, and it has a ton of new info in it. Here are my thoughts on it.


1. The new form for Exeggutor looks interesting. It seems like it went on a extreme diet. :P Though I think the biggest change about it is that it is part dragon instead of part psychic. I imagine that there is a certain way to evolve Execute in the game to get the Exeggutor that you want, because not having the original in the region, as least as an option, would be kind of disappointing.


2. I think my favorite reveal in the whole trailer are the ice type versions of Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew, and Sandslash. They look beautiful IMO. I really hope they are good in-game, because I would really like to use them on a team.


3. Oricorio looks like an interesting flying type. I believe I read somewhere that you can choose its type by feeding it something. (Nectar, I think) If that is true, it could open up the door for some cool teams if used right. Plus its dance moves look cute too. :)


4. Other new Pokemon were also revealed. I think Minior is my favorite out of all of them, simply because I think that it looks the coolest.


5. The big reveal of the trailer, IMO anyways, would be the Island Challenge. I'm not sure if its taking the place of the usual 'beat eight Gym Leaders and then face the Pokemon League' goal that has been the staple of the games since they started. But it would cool if Sun/Moon offered a new challenge like this that was different from the other games. Though if Gym Leaders were still in the game, they would still be cool too.


6. Then there is the reveal of Z-Moves. They kind of remind me of Mega Evolution, except this is for Pokemon moves. I don't know what to think of them yet, though the animations shown here look really cool.


Overall, there are some really great reveals here. I look forward to seeing other already known Pokemon that might have new types in the games, as well as learning more about The Island Challenge.


November 18 can't get here soon enough.

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