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I really don't know how to feel about this one. On one hand the story is really interesting and super depressing, both things I enjoy, on the other hand, the gameplay seemed to go out of its way to do nearly everything wrong. From a leveling system that makes no sense, to save points being in the exact wrong places and dungeons that lock you in with few recovery options and a bunch of generic RPG stuff that seemed tacked on with little benefit.


But the story, world building, characters and music was all so fantastic it almost makes trudging through the gameplay worth it.



Not to say there weren't redeeming qualities there, some of the dungeons had interesting ideas. The dream sequences where pretty cool. I actually liked the perspective changes, though some of the magic attacks controlled poorly in top down mode.


Did I mention the music was fantastic? Also Kaine, definitely Kaine.


But with Platinum working on the sequel I have high hopes. Hopefully it won't disappoint. Because that's really the main reason I tried this one.

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