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Bara Magna: Looking for a Co-Host



Right now, I'd say I'm finally comfortable in looking for a co-host.


The co-host duties, as suggested by Jed, will be splitting players based on their roles - Leaders, Diplomats, and the Iron Tribe will be handled by me, the primary host. Glatorian and Generals will be handled by the co-host. Both hosts will be part of location and group PMs, as those are generally the most important ones. Any major NPCs will be split between, with an NPC like Tuma being handled by myself and minor NPCs handled by both. E.G. if someone like Malum were to appear, they'd probably be controlled by the co-host. There will also be a PM between me and the co-host.


Also due to this change, roles will have to be decided upon while signing up, so they are first-come, first-served instead of deciding upon just before the game starts. Sorry about that. Send the stat forms to me if you are a Leader, Diplomat, or part of the Iron Tribe, and send the stat forms to the co-host if you are a Glatorian or General. (except the Iron Tribe Glatorian). If we get any conflicts, like two people applying for the same role, I do believe we can sort that out but we would like to avoid it - so please do read the topic and when you post to sign up, state for which role and read which roles others have already taken.


Also - the stat system will be simplified. Four stats instead of the previous seven, and as we had 40 points with 7 stats, you will now have 25 points for 4 stats.


What we'll have now:


Strength - Determines attack damage, use of weapons, stamina, and how much you can carry.

Agility - Determines ability to dodge, use of stealth, and anything that requires finesse.

Intelligence - Determines ability to plan and other complex actions, ability to pilot vehicles, and perception, as well as partially affecting your ability to persuade others.

Luck - Determines your luck, can be used to help your chances in difficult roles and mitigate failed rolls. May also determine how likely you are to run into something that wants to eat or kill you while travelling between villages if travelling alone.


I think that's most of it, so...

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Ya know... Since I have no interest in taking part in another bzpgot style game right this instant, I may be interested in Co-hosting.. 

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As regards stats, I would recommend you lighten your load further by restricting what an individual has to roll for from how it was in BZPGOT S2. Particularly, I would say that you should really only roll stats when a player is acting directly against another (such as in combat or when hiding actions from a particular person), against a specific NPC, or when taking very obviously controversial or difficult actions against the masses as a whole. And, perhaps, if ever someone has to perform some kind of feat, though I don't think that really happened much at all in S2, as I would define it? In any case (and I know rolling for literacy or ability to swim is a staple house rule in DnD, but bear with me), basic actions taken alone, policy changes, executive acts, etc. generally would be assumed to go as planned.


Another way you might lighten your load while also providing an experience that I think most or all of your players would enjoy more, would be to minimize the importance of any NPCs you do involve in the game. We just came off of S2, which was very heavy in NPC story involvement, and I think that, regardless of whether we find some players prefer this setup to an entirely player-driven game, this individual time around we should have something closer to Season 1 in terms of NPC importance.


That said, these are just my recommendations, and I'm sure the game will turn out excellently whatever you decide to do.


Also, you could still allow nations to elect their positions at the start of the game. Just have players send their stat PMs to BOTH hosts, then when roles are decided, each host deletes the PMs he doesn't need to be in.


When do you think we can expect a launch?



- :burnmad:

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Voxumo: Alright, but first let's see if anyone else is interested in co-hosting before you commit, at least just in case you change your mind. 


Burnmad, that seems like a decent idea to lighten load when it comes to rolls. Having to roll for basic actions wasn't really something I intended to do regardless, it was generally more for the bigger sweeper actions like poisoning entire groups of people.


Additionally, I do plan to try and minimise NPC involvement besides Tuma because Tuma, but if a Rock Tribe player wants to make a power grab... I wouldn't be against that. Tuma isn't immortal, after all. This is supposed to be a player driven game like you said, and too many NPCs just kind of complicates that. I will try to keep them to a minimum, and most that appear will probably be very minor ones. 


As for launch - when I feel comfortable launching it as well as when I have a confirmed co-host. 

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I agree with Burnmad per his suggestions for the rolls. In fact, following his advice might actually be enough to lighten the load to a point where you could try solo hosting.




As for NPCs - I think something in between Seasons 1 and 2 of BZPGOT would work. It might be nice to have at least one major NPC for each region, since it can give more individual players (such as Voxumo) someone to bounce ideas off of or work with in lieu of other players. They're also very useful for moving the plot along if the players stall.




The end of Season 1 was a bit of a bore because nobody wanted to risk anything at the very end - but if that situation had come up in Season 2, there were NPCs on both sides that would prevent such a stalemate from ocurring.

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The end of Season 1 was a bit of a bore because nobody wanted to risk anything at the very end


Except Jed


The real MVP


And you make good points in regards to the NPCs being able to move things along. Though I would personally prefer they be used to prod players into any, ambiguous action more frequently than they advocate for a specific direction for the plot to advance.



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